February 16 events

Following events are expected on Thursday. 

09.30 A meeting of serial discussion on follow-up regulations of the revision of Law on Organic Foods on 14th floor of Khangardi Palace

10.00 Open meeting of 40 small and medium enterprise and service companies of Mongolia at The National IT Park

11.30 Standing committee on Justice report on the activities during the Parliament’s Austumn Session of 2016 in the State House

12.00 Opening of model classroom for raising traffic safety awareness, initiated by the Traffic Police Department and the Mongolia Australia Society, at the Fifth school of Ulaanbaatar

14.00 Ceremony for signing agreement on establishing clinical department and diagnostic center at Achtan Hospital with donations from International NE Hospital of South Korea at Achtan Hospital

16.30 Workshop on combating crime of pickpocketing at the Shastin Central Hospital