March 15 events

Following events are expected on March 15, Wednesday.

10.00 “Revering customers' rights” Day at the Governor’s office of Sukhbaatar district

10.00 Reporting on examination result on measures to reduce air pollution at the Hall of Special Inspection Department of the Capital

11.00 Some MPs visit to No.116 school of disabled children

11.00 Briefing on the theme “Waste water is unused reserve”  by Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Governor’s office of the capital

11.30 Promotion day of law package on Defense at the Central Cultural palace

11.30 Reporting on a survey result on “Children’s rights and protection” by ‘Good Neighbours’ international organization at the National Press center

12.00 Briefing by the Union of Mongolian Customers’ rights protection on current issues at the National Press center

14.00 Workshop on health and labor safety issues in intercity and transit transportation by PUM international organization of Holland at the Premium Palace hotel