March 17 events

Following events are expected on March 16, Thursday.

09.30 Workshop to introduce a risk assessment result on vulnerability of schools and gardens to earthquake at the Tuushin hotel

11.00 Briefing on “Earthquake prevention and awareness Day” at the Government House

11.00 “Owners of independence” event at the Independence square

11.00 Briefing on “Education Expo of Russia” at the “Mongol News” press center

12.00  “RoadExpo 2017” at the Convention center of the Corporate Hotel

14.00 Firefighting apparatus granting ceremony to authorities of specially protected areas at the Sukhbaatar square

15.00 Briefing by the Council for protection of investors’ rights of the capital at the Government House

16.00 “Fashion show” organized by the Women’s Diplomat Club at the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Union of businessmen of cashmere and wool sector, at the Tuushin hotel

18.00 Opening of a center of insemination at the Embassy of Republic of Korea