March 20 events

Following events are expected on March 20, Monday. 

09.00 Capacity Building Workshop for Implementation of Mining Policies at the Open Society Forum

11.00 Prime Minister J.Erdenebat’s meeting with public servants at the State House 

11.00 Press statement on current state of geology and exploration spheres of Mongolia at the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry

11.00 Event for Promoting Kazakh Traditions in the yard of the Mongolian Youth Union, organized by Bayan-Ulgii Youth Union in Ulaanbaatar

11.30 Launching ceremony for “Listening to Citizens’ Opinions through 11-11 Center” at Gerel Centre next to the Khangardi Palace of Municipality

11.00 “Mongolian Literature in the 20th Century” book launch at the Independence Palace

12.00 Mongolian Community of Neurology press conference at Mongol News Centre

17.00 Press conference on the National Program on Energy Saving at the Energy Regulatory Commission