Dried Milk production equipment to be installed in rural areas

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ With an aim to provide healthy and safe food products to the public and to ensure the regular distribution of raw materials to manufacturers, the Government of Mongolia has launched the first “Meat and Milk” campaign throughout the country on January 1.

“MDM” LLC is supporting the campaign, which is continuing under “Healthy food-Healthy Mongolian” slogan. On February 9, the company organized workshop-discussion to introduce its product – small-sized dry milk production equipment to manufacturers, farmers, and partners, representatives of professional associations and experts of academic research organizations.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat attended the opening of the event to get acquainted with the production equipment. The Japanese-made production equipment is capable of drying 240-600 liters of milk in a 8-hour work day depending on the milk supply from local entities.

“Although Mongolia has over 60 million of livestock animals, dried milk is imported from overseas. By installing the production equipment in rural areas, the number of customers of the product will increase. Further, the market price of dried milk will be stabilized and herders will have regular income. After fully supplying the domestic demand, dried milk products should be exported to abroad. We all should aim to manufacture what Mongolians are always capable to do” said PM J.Erdenebat.

By introducing the equipment into use between 2017 and 2025, it is estimated number of 6-8 thousand vacancies will be available.

Apart from supply for domestic demands, Mongolia is capable of producing 400 million liters milk per year. However, due to lack of proper infrastructure to process raw materials, outdated production equipment and low circulation assets, the dairy industries are only utilizing some 10 percent of their total capacity. Mongolia imports around 400 tons of dried milks from abroad every year, which turns into 35 thousand tons of liquid milk.