Renovation project needs urgent completion to avoid vaccine import

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Vaccines for animals are being produced with 90 per cent manual operation due to lack of technical renovation in ‘Biocombinat’, animal vaccine and medication producing state-owned enterprise since its establishment in 1973. Today, the Department of veterinary and breeding introduced current situation of the enterprise to State Emergency Commission.

Just 20 per cent out of 350 equipment and facilities in ‘Biocombinat’ have been renovated and 200 of equipment are in unusable condition, explained Head of the Department of veterinary and breeding P.Gankhuyag. It means, there is no way other than importing vaccines against animal infectious diseases.

The Department calculated that MNT85 billion will be needed to import just 82 million doses of anti- foot and mouth disease vaccines in 2017-2013. If vaccines are produced at home, MNT59.5 billion will be required, saving MNT25.5 billion. Therefore renovation project with investment of USD25 million financed by Hungary should be completed immediately.

Veterinary and breeding Department considers it efficient to carry out anti-foot and mouth disease vaccination twice a year, precisely in April and September, not in cold season and regarding vaccination against goat and sheep pox and goat plague in June.