Kanjur and Tanjur sutras to be available in Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On February 10, the National Library of Mongolia held a ceremony to receive UNESCO's certificate of registering xylograph edition of ‘Merged Garakhiin Oron' or 'Towards attaining wisdom’. The xylograph of 'Towards Attaining Wisdom' glossary was included in the Asia-Pacific Registry of the Memory of the World by UNESCO in May 2016. 

In order to prove the high preservation, durability and replicating the potential of xylography, “Culture of Mongolian Xylography and Towards Attaining Wisdom” exhibition took place with over thirty exhibits on this day. 

The xylography was made in 1924 in the Agiin Datsan (Buddhist school) of Buryatia at the initiative of the Mongolian Institute of the Chronicles and Documents (now known as the Mongolian Academy of Sciences). 

Also, an exhibition organized to introduce 'Tsog Tsagiin Khurden” cultural center's project to make three hundred copies of the cyrillic edition of Kanjur and Tanjur sutras. The cultural center has finished translating 280 volumes and printed 120 volumes as of now.