Mobile museum tours to countryside

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A mobile museum named “Ancient Culture” of Dornogobi aimag journeyerd to Airag soum of the aimag on March 11. A total of 50 exhibits, including items that reflect local people’s culture and tradition as well as natural and historical findings in Airag soum were displayed.

Specifically, two-horsehead fiddle (Morin Khuur), a Mongolian national instrument attracted people with their designs. One morin khuur with pictured leather surface has a nodding horse head, while the other one has three heads and three strings. Among exhibits there were saddle, pack and stirrup, related to the 13-14th century, found in the cave of Khetsuu teeg in Airag soum.

The museum, training and research center of Dornogobi aimag intends to make the moveable museum toured to 14 soums.