Wax sculptures of historical figures on display in Dornogobi aimag

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ "Kings of Kings” exhibition of wax figures opened at the Museum, Research and Training Center of Dornogobi province on March 17.

The exhibition shows the history of the Great Mongol Empire through lifelike wax figures of historical people, such as the Chinggis Khaan, Börte Khatun and their 4 sons, Jochi, Ögedei, Chagatai and Tolui as well as Qasar, brother of Chinggis Khaan and Jamukha, close friend of his. 

Mongolian sculptors, including State Foremost Artist D.Batmunkh started making wax sculptures four years ago and established Wax Gallery of Chinggis Khaan in 2014 to demonstrate the history of the great king to the public.

Starsoft LLC has initiated a “World famous Mongolians" project, in the scope of which, they are organizing the exhibition for the first time in Dornogobi province.