SMEs to cooperate with IT incubator companies

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The National Information Technology Park aims to encourage cooperation between IT incubator companies and small and medium enterprises. On February 16, a meeting, involving some SMEs was organized targeting to it.

‘Aravt’ business group member companies were introduced to IT incubator companies and learned more about online marketing.  The membership of the 'Aravt’ business group, established in 2013, includes 36 companies.

Chair of Incubator Business Development Center P.Narantsetseg “-  Today, it is impossible to run business successfully without information technology.  Small companies have the possibility to promote the company in their home country as well as abroad using internet development. However, many companies have inactive websites developed by non-professional companies. In the first place, we plan to make professional web pages for companies in Ulaanbaatar in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Innovation of the capital.

‘Aravt’ business group members said that start-up companies face financial problems in promoting their activities on TV or newspapers, as advertisement costs high, therefore, they were seeking for new ways of internet advertising.