Education on sense of living to be given

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will cooperate with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in establishing chambers for health education based on sense of living.

A ceremony took place Wednesday to grant facilities to the chambers, with a participation of Mr L.Gantomor, the Minister of Education, and Ms Naomi Kitahara, the Country director of the UNFPA for Mongolia.

In the first turn, 20 chambers will be created at secondary schools, educational centers for adults, universities and institutes in the city and 11 provinces. "A key purpose of the co-implementation of the project on youths’ development is to educate the young about ways of gaining the sense of living which is characterized as to be positive, responsible and confident. The main way of fulfilling this purpose is to setting up these chambers for health education," Ms Kitahara said.

In other words, this education is to give the youths an essential potential for living, including the social and psychological abilities, particularly skills of nicely communicating with others, of controlling a temper, of living healthy, actively, creatively and with less risk.

The chambers are open for all youngsters.