Scientists discuss their challenges and propose solutions

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “The science community of Mongolia is highly grateful to the current Government for its change of attitude towards science”, said G.Chuluunbaatar, Deputy President of Mongolian Academy of Sciences today, January 24 at a symposium held in the building of Mongolian Information Technology Park.

Intended to discuss the implementation of science-related laws and legislations of Mongolia, current state of and challenges in science sphere, state policy on science and improvement of legal environment, the symposium was organized by Parliamentary Standing committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Science and Technology Fund.

The Parliamentary Standing committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science has recently formed two working groups concerning science field which have been holding various meetings and symposiums among the scientists and scholars for about a month.

“There are two working groups focusing on different areas - innovation and science and technology which have been very active for the last month. Today’s symposium is about the fifth such meeting to take place between scientists and the working groups”, said D.Regdel, President of the Academy of Sciences.

“Based on the outcome of these discussions, the Government is expected to make policy changes and take relevant measures, and we at the Academy of Sciences will be ready to actively contribute to the causes”, he added.

The symposium was participated by scholars and scientists of all fields and Members of Parliament who are leading the working groups.  

On the sidelines of the symposium, a scientific exhibition was also held at the Information Technology Park unveiling 93 different types of products. The exhibition is aimed to display the outcome of Mongolian scientists’ hard work including the new technologies, substances, drugs, innovative technologies and research products.