'ADIDAS' wearing mummy to be shown to public

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The remains of a 1500-year-old female mummy was found in the Altai Mountains, which seemed to be wearing red boots with three distinctive white stripes that resembles the sports brand. The discovery was transferred to the Center of Cultural Heritage to restore on April 11, 2016.

Experts claim the woman was actually wearing simple footwear with three white bands. The body was kept well preserved due to the zero degrees of Celsius in the cave. Archeologists believe the cave is part of an ancient Turkic burial site. B.Sukhbaatar, Information Database Specialist at Khovd Museum said “We found the stone burial in the mountains at an altitude of 2800 meters”. “It is the first complete Turkic burial at least in Mongolia – and probably in all Central Asia. This is a very rare phenomenon. These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkics” said B.Sukhbaatar.

Along with the woman’s remains, 30 other archeological discoveries such as clay vase, a saddle, pillows, a trough, a bridle, an iron kettle, a wooden bowl, sheep’s head, a felt bag that contained a sheep’s entire back, a leather bag intended to carry a cup, several goat bones and the carcass of a horse were also found.

Ministry of Education and Science has spent MNT 8 million on the restoration process, which is currently at 80 percent. The 'ADIDAS' wearing mummy will be shown to the public in March, 2017 at the National Museum of Mongolia.