National Museum unveils 400 new pieces

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongolian National Museum opened the fourth “Best of New Exhibits” triennial exhibition On February 15.  About 400 new pieces handpicked from more than 1,800 items that were discovered by the museum researchers within the last three years are being shown to the public.

The research exhibitions of 2014-2016 returned to the museum with new archaeological findings, highlights of which are artifacts of Xiongnu and Xiangbei tombs discovered in Airgiin Gozgor of Jargalant soum, Orkhon province, the bow-like harp, bow and arrow and Deel (traditional costume) found in a rock tomb of the Altai Mountains, silver coins of Sasanian empire and paper bills of Yuan empire.

Other showpieces included a bronze needle and bowl made of fish scales, silver ornaments of belt, more silver accessories and clothes of late D.Ragchaa, the tallest person (245 cm) in the history of Mongolia. His clothes were gifted by D.Ragchaa’s family.  

A harp excavated from tomb of Jargalant Mountain of Mankhan soum, Khovd province, along with the military attires which date back to around 17-18th century were on the spotlight.

Professor of the National University of Mongolia U.Erdenebat gifted the above mentioned military costume, which is a special army-use Deel made of sheep hide, to the museum. The Deel was discovered from Bayankhongor province, told D.Sukhbaatar, Director of the National Museum to MONTSAME.

“By forming a field research team, the museum has been enriching its treasury with an outstanding amount of fresh findings, as well as the donations from kind people”, he added.

The exhibition is open for viewers until March 15 free of charge. 

Saddle and stirrups

Bow and arrows

Anklebones of small livestock

Miniature Khayankhyarvaa god and Jade snuff-bottle