Mongolian linguists discuss Cyrillic spelling rules

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Confusions on Mongolian Cyrillic orthography will be settled once and for all”, said D.Zayabaatar, Head of Institute of Mongolian Studies at National University of Mongolia on March 13 during a forum among Mongolian linguists.

Nowadays, there are two or more spelling alternatives for number of Mongolian words which create confusion among the general public, leading to disbelief in the linguists.

Hosted by the National University of Mongolia, the forum also coincided with the launch of a new publication titled ‘Mongolian language for public learning’ and its website, financed by Mongolian Science and Technology Fund.

The website is expected to play a central role in elucidating the basic grammar of Mongolian Cyrillic script and correcting negative tendencies and confusions related to different spelling rules among the public. Overall, the website can be understood as a one-window reference for all grammar-related arguments and inquiries.

As such, the linguists’ forum aimed to reach consensus on a common spelling rules of Mongolian Cyrillic script. D.Zayabaatar, who compiled the ‘Mongolian language for public learning’ handbook said, “A working group was established by an ordinance of the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, and is working towards the finalization of spelling rules for Mongolian Cyrillic script which are to be complied with nationwide. The working group’s target is a dictionary of Mongolian Cyrillic script”.