New book re-assesses 20th century Mongolian literature

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ World Poetry Day falls on March 21, Tuesday. In connection with the day, an important new publication was launched by the Department of Mongolian Language and Literature, University of Ulaanbaatar on March 20, Monday.

Titled ‘Mongolian Literature in the 20th century’, the book has been written as the first volume of ‘Comparative research on the 20th century literature in Mongolia and Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China’ project, co-implemented by the University of Ulaanbaatar and Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences.

Since there are number of publications evaluating literature works written in the 20th century, the authors E.Batjavkhlan, Sh.Battur and A.Munkh-Orgil, faculties of the Department of Mongolian Language and Literature, University of Ulaanbaatar approached the literature from 1900-2000 as a precious cultural heritage in terms of its literary elements and context with a basis on interconnection between oral and written literature, tradition and reforms and social and mental factors.

Division of the 20th century literature into periods hasn’t been generalized or commonly agreed upon; therefore the authors simply divided the century into decades, and chose literature works based on its quality rather than author for their analysis. The authors have worked on the book for the last 2-3 years.

Professor S.Baigalsaikhan, editor of the book and Director of the University of Ulaanbaatar noted that the book will play a considerable role in the humanitarian education in primary and secondary schools in Mongolia and further simplify the teaching methodology of literature in the last century. “The book is an attempt to detach  Mongolian literature in the 20th century from the old approach of it deeply reflecting political and socialist ideology”, remarked S.Baigalsaikhan.

The publishers are planning to distribute the book free of charge to all state-run schools in Ulaanbaatar which were represented by their teachers at the launch event, which was also attended by senior writers and those who adore literature.