PM receives Governor of Irkutsk, Russia

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Prime Minister J.Erdenebat received the delegations led by the Governor of the Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast of the Russian Federation Sergey Levchenko on February 16. The delegates are paying a visit to Mongolia this week. 

The PM underlined that cross-border cooperation is significant to the expanding of bilateral relations between Mongolia and Russia. "Although the mining sector is of great importance in Mongolia, the Government considers agricultural and animal husbandry sectors as equally significant and prioritizes them. Therefore, advancing our traditional relations with Irkutsk Oblast would benefit the both countries especially if joint ventures of greenhouse and wood processing were to be established".

In consonance with the Prime Minister, the Governor of Irkutsk pledges to support the matter if proposals were to be submitted on these subjects.

Some 25 business representatives were included in the visiting delegates. Sergey Levchenko expressed his interest in connecting the delegates to Mongolian businesspeople and remarked the fact that Investment Agency of Irkutsk is establishing a branch in Mongolia and the quotas of Mongolian students have been increased especially in roads and transportation studies in Irkutsk .

PM J.Erdenebat noted “Mongolians are already used to Russian products and appraise the quality. Therefore, Russian investment will surely increase through the Investment Agency of Irkutsk. An ‘expo’ will be held in 2017, involving Russian businesspeople. I expect the Governor would show his support by inviting the investors and businesspeople to the expo”.