Parliament Speaker attends Mongolian Soldiers' Day celebration

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Chairman of the State Great Khural M.Enkhold attended the ceremony for the Mongolian Soldiers’ Day and the 96th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces, on March 17.

He delivered greetings of Mongolian Soldiers’ Day, and handed state prizes, orders and awards to the deserved.

In his speech, the Speaker said “Please accept my warmest greetings on Mongolian Soldiers’ Day to You and all staff members of police, intelligence and emergency departments through You.

Ninety six years ago, on March 18 of 1921, the Mongolian Militia liberated Kyakhta, which event paved the way for Mongolia to restore its sovereignty and independence. For this reason, this day has been celebrated solemnly since 1946, in accordance with a resolution of the Presidium of the Lower Khural of the People’s Republic of Mongolia.

Later in 2003, the State Great Khural passed the Law on Public Holidays and Celebrations and named it Mongolian Soldiers’ Day to be celebrated nationwide.

This day is not only a celebration for military personnel who do the honorable and sacrosanct duty to the motherland, but also a glorious day for all Mongolians. Celebrating this day is of essential importance in passing down the pride and mindset to cherish and defend one’s own motherland to the future generations and help youngsters get to know the history of their heroic nation.

History of Mongolian army is the chronicles of the glorious deeds of those soldiers who had served for Chinggis Khaan’s army, those who are serving in international operations nowadays and all those in between”, underlined the Speaker.