“Ulaanbaatar Railway-2030” forum being held

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ulaanbaatar Railway Mongolian-Russian Joint Stock Company is holding “Ulaanbaatar Railway-2030” forum on February 17-18 at the Blue Sky Tower.

The forum is being attended by over 280 Mongolian and international representatives to discuss a three-stage program to develop the Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC until 2030. The program envisaged a goal to bring the Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC close to the modern railway development and enhance its competitiveness in the region.

The Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC aims to increase the current level of annual transportation of 20 million tons of freight up to approximately 53.6 million tons by 2030. The Governments of Mongolian People’s Republic and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics established the Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC in 1949 and agreed to enter into equal partnership. The functions of the Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC are managed by an agreement signed in 1949.   

"Ulaanbaatar Railway” JSC owns 1110 km long railway connecting Mongolia and Russia from the north border to south. It is considered as the nearest and the most efficient railway corridor connecting Europe with Asia.  

Presently, about 10 percent of total transit transportation passing through the railway corridors linking Europe with Asia or Russia with China is crossing the territory of Mongolia. In 2016, 168 freight trains crossed over Mongolia. In accordance with the aforementioned goal, the Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC is planning to increase the average speed of passenger trains by 1.4 times and bring the number of its passengers to 3 million by 2030. Moreover, works to renovate locomotive and rail yard are set out in the program until 2030.

In addition, the program lays out more plans to construct a terminal for dangerous goods in the Bagakhangai station outside of the capital and a joint terminal in the western and eastern areas of Ulaanbaatar city. It is estimated that a total of USD 1.5-4.4 billion investment is required for the program.