Uvs aimag develops educational ties with Khakassia of Russia

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Uvs aimag has been developing ties with the Republic of Khakassia of Russian Federation in education sector. Boris Ustinovich Amzarakov, Chairman of International and Regional Relations Department of Scientific Research Institute of Language, Literature and History has been working in Uvs aimag, exchanging views with the authorities of Uvs aimag on broadening the cooperation.

Mr. Boris Ustinovich Amzarakov was awarded the medal dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Marshal Yu.Tsedenbal, for his contribution to the development of relations between Uvs aimag and the Institute.

Last July, delegation of the National University of Khakassia, named after N.F.Katanov visited Uvs aimag and renewed agreement between the university and Department of Education and Culture of Uvs aimag. Within the agreement, 12 Mongolian students are studying at the National University of Khakassia as well as an officer of the Department participated in an international scientific conference with theme “People and Culture of Sayan Altai and neighboring regions” held in Abakan city.

Uvs aimag intends to broaden relations with Khakassia not only in education sector, but also in humanitarian and economic sectors.