Wreaths laid for Soldiers' Day

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Celebrated on March 18, Mongolian Soldiers’ Day and the 96th anniversary of modern Mongolian Armed Forces has an additional meaning to it, it is also Men’s Day. 

In commemoration of the formation of modern Mongolian army, a wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Central Square and was attended by Defense Minister B.Bat-erdene and some Members of Parliament.

The Defense Minister remarked during the event, “The Armed Forces of Mongolia have had its role in every periods of Mongolian history. Being the foot of patriotic conviction, school of physical and disciplinary strength and reliance of the Mongolian people, we will strive to maintain our might and position”.

The Minister added, “The defense sector is celebrating its 96th anniversary with a good deal of success including the adoption of a package law on Defense which had been awaited for a long time”.

March 18 marks the day when Mongolian army liberated Kyakhta city in 1921, thus declaring the first historic victory to secure Mongolia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And following a resolution of State Little Khural, the day was officially marked since 1946. And in 2003, Mongolian Parliament adopted a law on public holidays in which March 18 was named Mongolian Soldiers’ Day.