Minister D.Ganbat works in Khan-Uul district

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Upon the assignment given by Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, Minister of Road and Transport Development D.Ganbat worked in Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar city on March 17 to learn about the implementation of the government's action and to solve some pressing issues. 

Minister D.Ganbat said “The road and transportation sector plays an important role in the country’s social sector and the Ministry of Road and Transport Development needs to tackle certain problems, such as bridge and road issues with the Road and Transport Development Center of Ulaanbaatar by giving policy guidelines. We are focusing more on traffic issues, reduction of exhaust fumes and promotion of eco vehicles”. Also, the Minister noted that the imports of wrong side (right-hand) drive cars and old cars could be regulated by a policy. He introduced the Government actions to the authorities of Khan-Uul district and expressed his readiness to study opportunities to solve the issues.

Bridges named Peace and Sun are considered as the highest traffic jam areas in the Khan-Uul district G.Batsaikhan, the First Deputy of the Governor of the district emphasized that the 4.4-kilometer long road Sonsgolon bridge to Yaarmag bridge in the Khan-Uul district needs to be implemented in order for the citizens to have a comfortable living environment.

Afterwards, Minister D.Ganbat looked over the activities of a government-owned Transportation Union. Within the framework of reducing smog in Ulaanbaatar, the organization presented their plan to pursue a policy to replace diesel with gas engines.