"10000 Horses Festival" to promote winter tourism

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 3rd ‘10000 Horses’ festival is going be held on February 18-19 in Altanbulag soum of Tuv aimag in connection with the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The event is extraordinary for it offers a chance to see the biggest horse herd in one place. Aiming to develop winter tourism in Mongolia, the event will feature number of interesting competitions such as snatching uurga (lasso pole), lasso pole performance, (buguil) lasso performance and best singer of horse songs.

E.Tserenbat, Head of ‘Eternal Communion’ NGO which initiated the festival also added that short distance horse race and cavalry stunt performances are to be expected.

“An event starts attracting tourists after it is held for consecutive 5 years, if we look at international examples. But our festival is going to be held for the third year, and tourists from over 10 countries have applied to come and experience the ‘10000 horses’ festival. This shows that our event is already fulfilling its purpose to advance winter tourism in Mongolia”, he said.

Moreover, local people will organize an expo showcasing traditional Mongolian crafts, souvenir and home-made products during the festival.