M.Nandin-Erdene to participate in Road FC

Ulaanbaatar /MONSTAME/ ROAD Fighting Championship has announced the first match for Group B of the International Trails tournament, Nandin-Erdene vs Bruna Miranda. The match will take place on April 15 in Seoul, South Korea.

In the Road FC, top 16 fighters will be fighting for USD 1 million and M.Nandin-Erdene was undefeated in his previous matches against Chinese standout Bao Yincang and Korean veteran Park Won-Sik.

His opponent Brazilian fighter Bruno “Robusto” Miranda is a Muay Thai stylist of “TIGER MMA” club. Miranda came out top of the lightweight division with knockouts over Kim Wong-Gi and Lee Kwang-Hee.

M.Nandin-Erdene was born in 1987 and graduated from “Ikh Zasag” International University and National Institute of Physical Culture of Mongolia. Since 2001, he has trained martial arts and earned the title of International Master in Boxing and Sports Master in Kickboxing. He also have black belt in Taekwondo and is an Asian Champion in Karate and National Champion in Mongolian martial arts.

After his arrival in Korea, he started training mixed martial arts. M.Nandin-Erdene once said “I love sports so much that I couldn’t live without it even when living abroad. While walking my way home after work, I saw a few boxing and mixed martial arts clubs. Even though I would usually just take a glance at them, I couldn’t resist myself from signing up one day. Since then, I’ve been participating in over ten professional and amateur tournaments”.

Source: News.mn and RoadFC.com