EXCLUSIVE – Mongolian brand to compete on world market

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In support of national brands, the MONTSAME national news agency is presenting the EXCLUSIVE brand striving to make a debut on the world market with “Made in Mongolia” label and to develop import substitution industrialization.

Down and feather coats with carded camel wool lining under the brand name “Exclusive” have already set winter trends not only in Mongolia, but also in neighboring Russia and China. 

It was South Korean actor and model Kim Bom who made the “Exclusive” coat a top fashion trend among Asian youth when coming out in it during a grand opening of the Caffe Bene world chain in Ulaanbaatar. The silk down coat of EXCLUSIVE is sewn with Canadian technology. Along with silk down and goose down coats, extra warm pants and jackets of Japanese “Heattech” technology as well as baby blankets made of carded camel wool are gaining even more popularity among consumers making the brand name EXCLUSIVE well-known.

Ms G.Maitsetseg, founder of EXCLUSIVE brand factory promises 100 percent guarantee of quality to her products. Satisfaction of clients and consumers is the most important for producers. The term Brand is itself the quality justifying trust, she explains. EXCLUSIVE company is proud of having a fashion designer who worked for such brands as H&M and C&A. Four or five brand new designs make collections of EXCLUSIVE richer and colorful every day.