MR brand-Unique quality of Mongolian leather

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Even though it has been only 5 years since the MR leather bags brand of the Mongolian “SRB” was founded, its products have been already popular among the consumers from Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The brand produces more than 70 types of leather bags, including men’s, women’s and kids leather bags with different styles as well as 30 types of accessories, such as purses and keychains.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the raw materials it uses in its products – hides of cattle and yak and the way they are processed turn them into high quality leathers. The outstanding technology the company uses to process the raw materials is what makes its brand products a perfect quality.

The excellency of their products can be shown from the fact that Japanese people buy leather to use for book cover only from Mongolia because of its great quality.