Steel ball manufacturing plant starts its operation

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Mongolia now has a steel ball manufacturing plant opened at Darkhan Metallurgical Plant. The plant, which operates with the world leading technology, is fully automated and eco-friendly.

The euro standard-satisfied plant manufactures steel balls with 100-140 mm in diameter by forging method. Forging technology makes the product more stout and depreciation persistent. The plant will make the product with different solidity by changing components and processing.

Within this year, Darkhan Metallurgical Plant also intends to introduce casting method to manufacture steel balls with 60-80 mm in diameter, making the plant’s annual capacity to reach 60 thousand tons. Basic facilities and equipment of the plant are supplied from German ‘Schuler Group”, the world leading company in the field that has 177 years of history. Some other facilities are from Italy.

Mineral processing companies have been importing steel balls from China. Now thanks to the plant, outflow of USD60 million will be stopped to remain in the country, as it provides about 80 per cent of the total domestic demand of steel balls.