“Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia” annual event for the 20th time

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On the 9th of January, the 20th “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia” national competition will be organized by the MONTSAME News Agency’s “Khumuun Bichig” weekly newspaper published in traditional Mongolian script.

Only Mongolian calligraphers used to participate in the event during its first years, which has been organized since 1997. In recent years, the competition has broadened its range to be attended by artists from neighboring countries.  

Since 2000, the President of Mongolia and the Prime Minister of Mongolia have attended twice and 14 times each, respectively the award ceremony of the competition to hand over prizes to the winners, showing a great importance the Mongolian government attaches to it.

Participants of the competition submit not only calligraphic works but also art works handcrafted using calligraphy styles.