President Ts.Elbegdorj gives lesson on first day of academic years

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President of Mongolia Mr Elbegdorj traditionally gives a lesson on the 1st of September, the first day of new school year in Mongolia.

          This year’s lesson taught by the President on the eighth year was entitled “Resounding Mongolia throughout the World” and it was nationwide  broadcasted by the Mongolian National TV channel.

From 2009 to 2015, the President’s previous lessons had topics “Global warming-Mongolia”, “Mongolian pride”, “Across the beautiful country of Mongolia”, “The child is father of the man”, “Creative education--creative person, education for every child” and “Good will--good fortune”.

He started the first part of the lesson, talking about summaries of the previous seven lessons and wished all pupils’ dreams came true in the academic years of 2016-2017. In the second part of his lesson, President had talked with pupils on some interesting topics.

Moreover, the President replied to questions asked by puplis concerning the importance of the 11th ASEM Summit organized in July, regarding making wealth for the homeland after alumni of overseas universities returned home, about difference between patriotism and about nationalism and reputation of Mongolia.

Main point of the lesson was educating and preparing future trained staffers who will raise the country’s reputation throughout the world.