Youth inventors training center opens

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‘Unimat Education’ company has opened youth inventors training center, which aims to prepare future engineers from their childhood, creating appropriate environment for development of their technical understanding and thinking.

‘Unimat Education’ company was established in 2011 to develop technical and inventory ability and skills of youth and is a distributor of ‘Cooltool’ company of Austria. Trainings will be conducted on UNIMAT innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.

The training system is modular as the machine components. The UNIMAT modular system can be converted into a wide range of different machines. The UNIMAT system grows with the students experience and knowledge. From simple jig saw works in elementary school and first steps in engineering right up to working on 4 axis CNC machines - always the same modules.

“In developed countries, engineers and scientists direct the development. Therefore we are striving to make our contribution in training Mongolian engineers” said the company director E.Enkhgerel.

Palace of Youth technicians used to lead youth-future of Mongolia to develop their innovative thinking, creativeness, but it changed its duties and functions during social transition, stopping its classes and club courses. ‘Unimat Education’ training center intends to fill these gaps.