Inner Mongolian scholar awarded Khubilai Khaan

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An Inner Mongolian scholar is awarded a highest prize of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. The “Khubilai Khaan” golden medal is presented to Professor B.Gerelt in recognition of his contribution to the development of medical sector of Mongolia.

The medal was handed over to him by the President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, academician D.Regdel on January 17.

Prof. Gerelt established a Mongolian Medicinal Plants Laboratory in 1999, which is fully provided with modern high-precision equipment from Japan, Germany and USA.  

At the end of 1999, the laboratory was expanded as a Chemical Institute of Traditional Mongolian Medicine at the Inner Mongolia University. Since 2000, Mr Gerelt has been performing research and studies in cooperation with the Technology and Production Corporation. 

Furthermore, his academic research work on AIDS attracts attention of scientists and researchers among his large number of academic works, including technical standards and guidelines of more than 10 new drugs he made for approval and introduction in practice.