Mongolian scientists introduce “Horse” supplement

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The Horse supplement is the very first Mongolian calcium supplement made of horse bone with non-chemical, mechanical and low temperature processing method which allows conserving the natural structure and components of the horse bone.

Rich in calcium, phosphor,magnesium, collagen, growth hormone, glucose, microelements and minerals, the supplement is essential for supporting bone structure and function.
20 percent of the composition of the dietary supplement is calcium and the remaining 80 percent contains vitamins and minerals. The Horse supplement is recommended to those who are unable to get enough calcium from food and who are diagnosed with low bone mineral density.
It is also good for both elders who suffer from joint pains and for little kids for their growth.
The Horse supplement is a result of great endeavors and long studies based on traditional food rations and modern scientific achievements by researchers of the “Monchemo” company which has been operating in the fields of medicine, environment and agriculture since 1998.
The Horse brand calcium that could make a sensational debut on the Mongolian market by its quality and advantages is exported to South Korea.