Traditional treatment methods applied in practice

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A media conference was hosted by scholars in cooperation with the national producers on accomplishment of an innovation project. They have made a heating cotton pad with a special mixture of yak butter, sheep tail fat and barley flour all of which are natural pure products.

Mongolians have developed a traditional method of healing various pains by applying a fabric dipped in a hot butter. Thereby, the inventors pursue a goal to make wider a practical application of the method.

J.Oyunchimeg/ counselor of the Batzuu LLC / -The heating pad can be used widely by those who suffer pains in joints by applying it where needed. The heating pads are made in different shapes designed for using as belt, insole and knee pad.

Meanwhile, tourmaline hairpin has been made which will protect from computer and cell phone rays when pinned near ears. This tourmaline staff is designed to place near a TV set to absorb hazardous rays going from it. All these are results of joint experiments and surveys we have conducted along with scholars of the University of Science and Technology. All licenses and permissions have been acquired.

Video: Initially they experimented the product by putting it in a stove to heat. The next test is set to make the pad able for heating with USB connection. The 7 kinds of products invented so far are good for nervous prostration, pains in joints and back, kidney, misbalance in vital elements in organism, flatus, diarrhea, prostatitis and other illnesses. This is a way of applying methods of traditional medicine in practices.