“Independence and Foreign Policy”scientific conference takes place

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Opinions and recommendations of scholars are vital in broadening the scope of Mongolia’s foreign policy and disseminating the knowledge on our history and culture, emphasized the head of Parliamentary Standing committee on Security and Foreign policy Mr  J.Enkhbayar during the “Independence and Foreign Policy” scientific conference held today.

The scientists specializing in the study of foreign policy and history attended the scientific conference organized by the Office of the President on the occasion of the 105th jubilee of restoration of national freedom and sovereingty.

The participants talked about the National Liberation revolution and social and economic situation in the Bogd Khanate of Mongolia with insights to the contemporary circumstances. As the world is being globalized and the science and information technology progresses, and in these times of ever deepening inter-dependence of nations, Mongolia is facing a necessity to build the capacity of its diplomatic service in tune with the tide of time.