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Young Mongolian mental athletes showing success in World Mental Olympics 2016.

14 athletes from the Mongolian Intellectual Academy are competing at the LAS VEGAS MEMORIAD World Mental Olympics 2016. Out of them the International Master of Mental sports T.Enkhjin won a bronze medal in the category of speed cards.

Another young Mongolian mental athlete D.Binderya grabbed a silver medal in the category of mental multiplication. The final results will be announced on November 11.

Mongolian warriors to walk in the streets of USA

The Charlotte city of North Carolina (USA) will host a cultural parade and an exhibition with the name “The Great Mongolian Empire, the Chinggis Khaan and his direct descendants”. In the framework of the event, an exhibition about Chinggis Khaan legacy and his successors will be staged on November 19 at the Discovery Palace Museum.

The cultural parade will be organized by the Embassy of Mongolia in USA together with Discovery Place Museum and the Washington D.C. Area Mongolian Community Association.

A new airport to be commissioned soon

Currently, almost 99% of the construction work of new Ulaanbaatar International Airport has been completed. The airport is being erected in the Khoshigt Valley in 52 km from Ulaanbaatar city center.

The new aeroport is partially funded with soft loans from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

Bill initiated on mine shut down

The mine shut down law will reflect the complex issues, for example, discovering new deposits, mining exploration, environment protection, income and expenses, social responsibility, infrastructure, and reclamation works.

Mongolia addresses Plenary meeting of UNGA

On the 4 of November 2016, Mr. Sukhbold Sukhee, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the UN, delivered a statement at the 41st Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly on Report of the Human Rights Council (HRC).