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Mongolian student’s work included in Top-16

The Road movie directed by Ts.Densmaa was included in Top 16 of the  Kyoto International Student Film Festival. The winners will be named next Saturday. Over 530 works by students were sent to  the festival.

Circus artists of Mongolia wins special prize

The circus artists coached by T.Bud  won special prize for the performance called “X snakes” at the 3rd China International Circus Festival which was held on November 25-27 in the city of Zhuhai. This event brought together more than 300 circus artists from 21 countries.

Holiday Inn opens in Ulaanbaatar

The Max Group has opened the first Mongolian branch of the Holiday Inn franchise in Ulaanbaatar. A cooperation agreement thereon between Max Group and Intercontinental Hotels Group was signed in June, 2015.

The Max Group has constructed 20-storey building for 169-room hotel and launched its operations meeting international standards.

MONGOLIAN JUDO documentary premiered

The Fighting Films production released on Monday its documentary film named “Mongolian Judo”. Three of the best judokas of Mongolia - 2004 Olympic bronze medalist Tsagaanbaatar and the silver medalist of world championships Amartuvshin and the twice champion of Asia Tumurkhuleg starred in the documentary.