18th annual Blue Pearl ice festival wraps up

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The “Blue Pearl-2017” ice festival has been successfully completed on the frozen Lake Huvsgul. Last week, more than 10,000 national and foreign tourists and 2,000 vehicles gathered for the festival at the Hatgal Village of Huvsgul aimag.

Aimed at paying tribute to the “Mother Lake” and promoting winter tourism, ice festival has been organized each year for the last 18 years.

The performance by a young Russian ice-skater was the most appreciated by audience.

Moreover, the ice sculptures are the essential part of this annual event. Named as the best creation was the sculpture called “Melody of the Mother Lake”. 12 teams have challenged themselves in ice sculpting competition.

Festival-goers also enjoyed taking photographs with the reindeers, the sixth type of livestock in Mongolia. They also had the opportunity to witness the lifestyle of reindeer herders, native to Huvsgul’s taiga. Amateur competitions, such as the ice-knuckle-bone shooting contest, race of sledhorses, sumo wrestling and traditional costume shows were held.

This year’s ice festival was attended by 5 heads of diplomatic missions in Mongolia. The number of festival-goers almost doubled compared to that of 2016.