In Brief

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Civil Aviation Authority shifts to constant state of readiness

            The Civil Aviation Authority has announced a constant state of readiness due to the approaching passage of cold air mass from the North Pole through Mongolia. Because the polar air mass is entering Mongolia on the 18th of November, with a high risk of causing weather emergencies, the Authority resolved to work in a well-built preparedness for emergencies until the month of February.

Austrian composer’s works to sound on stage of Philharmonic

As a tradition, the State Philharmonic of Mongolia performs one of the world masterpieces every year. This year, it has chosen a composition by the famous Austrian composer France Joseph Haydn. The orchestra, will play the Fourth Symphony of the composer on November 25th, under conducting by the Maestro D.Nyamdash.

Young medical scientists assemble

            With a vision of creating more opportunities for young professionals to get to know each other and share experiences and knowledge, the Minister of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences have successfully organized the Fifth Congress of Mongolian Young Medical Scientists. Mongolia numbers more than 800 medical scholars.

History and Archaeology Institute to hold Open Door Event

            The Institute of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences will hold an open-door day-event tomorrow. While promoting the results and accomplishments of the fundamental researches of Mongolian history to the public, the day-event will allow the visitors to get familiar with the midterm and final outcomes of the thesis, researches and dissertations by the academicians. An exhibition of new archaeological findings and a book fair are expected as well.