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Kakuryu M.Anand leads Kyushu basho

On the 10th day of Kyushu basho, the November tournament of professional sumo wrestling, Yokozuna M.Davaajargal (Grand Champion from Mongolia) was

unfortunately defeated by Ozeki Kisenosato. The same day, another Yuokozuna from Mongolia Kakyuryu M.Anand gained his 10th victory by overthrowing his fellow country wrestler Ozeki Terunofuji.

Wreaths laid at monument to Academician B.Shirendev

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of foundation of Mongolian modern scientific organization, the 55th anniversary of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Day of Scholars, a ceremony was held for laying wreaths at the monument to Academician Mr B.Shirendev, Labor Hero of Mongolia and prominent state and public figure. Mr  B.Shirendev was awarded the State Prize in 1966, the title of Honored Scientific Figure in 1991 and Hero of Labor in 1995.

Foods to be mineralized

Consumption of organic foods and mineralized diet is essential for health. The healthcare sector will make a particular focus on production of healthy foods and mineralization of foods, Health Minister Ms A.Tsogtsetseg said.

In addressing a discussion themed “Importance of selenium for human health”, Health Minister said that it is important to apply in practice the production of some consumer foods enriched with selenium and encouraging consumption of selenium supplements among vulnerable groups.

Servicemen and students removing snow

Mongolia is witnessing chilliest and snowiest winter ever seen in last decade. Over 10 aimags of the country are suffering “dzud” disaster caused by heaviest snowfall. As reported before, the Ulaanbaatar City Mayor called for the public to take active part in removing snow in the streets setting an example personally. The appeal has found a wide support among servicemen and students who joined the campaign. 500 soldiers from Ulaanbaatar-based military units are taking active part in the campaign.