Mongolians made first banknotes in history

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A collection of 52 coins with ancient Mongolian kings’ seals and Yuan dynasty’s first paper money have been bought by the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia. Introducing to you the rare paper moneys that were printed by the order of Khubilai Khaan over 800 years ago.

Historians have agreed upon the fact that Mongolians have created the first banknotes in the history of the world. The claimed notes are extremely rare and is valued USD 200 thousand on the world auction, according to international analysts and researchers. As a proof of the Mongol Empire’s advanced development of commerce in the 13th century, the monument is now attracting crowd at the National Museum of Mongolia. It is mentioned in the ‘Mongolian Secret History’ that Mongolians were using a money called ‘Sukhe’ during the period under Chinggis Khaan’s rule.

Between 1224 and 1225, Chinggis Khaan commanded to mint silver coins with ‘Unen ulziit yeronkhii urlug janjin’/‘Prosperous grand marshal’ on one-side and ‘Tuuliin deed Chinggis khaan’/’Chinggis Khaan the bringer of victory to god’ on the other side of the coin in Arabic alphabets and utilized for trade in Afghanistan.