A tiny person against the giant world

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Women who are shorter than 130 cm and men shorter than 140 cm are recognized as “little people” in Mongolia.  The shortest person ever-recorded is Ms.Ichinkhorloo Jurmed living in Choibalsan, Dornod Aimag. 

It was noted in the fourth series of the ‘Compendium of Mongolian Secrets’, the record book of Mongolia published in 1990, that “The shortest person of Mongolia J.Ichinkhorloo was born in 1951 in Choibalsan of Dornod Aimag.  She is 90 cm tall and weighs 36 kg”.  Her unique short stature is caused by dwarfism, although both her parents did not have the syndrome and are of ordinary height as well as her older sister. 

Ichinkhorloo was born, raised and still lives in her hometown. Owning 20 cows for milking, 30-40 sheep and over 200 goats, she is just an ordinary livestock herder. 

Ichinkhorloo, like any other women, had a chance at life as a mother.  She had a healthy son in 1971. Her son Baljir lives with his wife and two children.  Before going into military service, her grandson B.Tsendsuren helped Ichinkhorloo most of the time.

“I am right in mind, if not brighter than some people.  It is positivity and mental strength that counts in life” said Ichinkhorloo. 


Video credit to “Tumnii neg”

(literal meaning One of the Thousand)

program broadcasted on Mongolian MNC TV